Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 6: Ten of my favorite things!

1.       Shopping: I love shopping! Well, I know it’s a typical girl thing and there is nothing surprising that I do too. 

 2.       Pugs: I absolutely love them. They just cheer me up! So much that there was this one time when a very special friend of mine sent me a video of a pug at his place just to cheer me up when we fought! And it worked every single time! ;)

3.       Movies & SITCOMS: Am a movie freak. I can watch a movie I love like 100 times repeatedly and still not get bored! Even my favorite SITCOMS, I have watched them all at least 5 times each.

4.       Long drives with good music: A simple evening spent, just on a long drive to nowhere and no talks but just good music! I could spend as many evenings like this and not get bored of it.

5.       Photography & Photographs: Photography and photographs can keep me engaged for hours! It refreshes me. I can keep clicking or looking at the photographs all day.

6.       Food & exploring new eateries: I am a total foodie. Hunger is my biggggg weakness!! I can’t even fast for a single day or skip a single meal! And if I do, you better stay away from me ‘coz you’ll find me in my worst of moods then.
I love exploring new places in town with beautiful ambience and music. (with good food, of course!) Bliss!

7.       Writing (expressing myself): Writing gives me the best time for myself. I love expressing myself. Am like an open book. Know me just the way I am. That keeps the things simple and well expressed! And things inside me I express them through writing here…my space!! J

8.       Flowers: I love flowers. Even a single fresh beautiful flower can surely make up for my mood anytime! The natural scent of the flowers and the colors make me just so happy!

9.       Spending time with my closed ones: It is very important for me to spend quality time with my closed ones. And to do so I can go extra miles but make time for them. It makes me happy more than any other thing could.

10.   Myself (Mein apni favorite hu!! Lol): You can surely call me self-obsessed! Yes, I do love me more than anyone else!


  1. partying ? romance ? . oh w8 , i like it . :P

    1. Not on my list of favorites for sure!
      I am not at all a party person! And romance is not a "thing" to be listed out in favorites!
      It's a feeling every person experiences! :)