Sunday, June 30, 2013

On a Rainy day!!

On a rainy day, they cuddled up inside a blanket watching an episode of their favorite series “FRIENDS”. It had been a routine for them every weekend recently.
Just then, Ashish’s phone started vibrating. It read “Natasha calling”.
Ashish walked out of the room to answer the call.

Recently Riya (Ashish’s girlfriend) had been little insecure about Natasha and Ashish’s friendship. She usually never checked on him. But now she was getting too restless. So she decided to secretly check on him.
Ashish had this habit of deleting all his chat history. So Riya exchanged her Nokia phone with his HTC, since in Nokia phones there was this service which saved your delivery reports and one could read the first five-six words of the message sent in that delivery report.

Riya had again exchanged back her phone with Ashish this morning. So when Ashish went in the gallery to answer his phone, Riya took her phone and checked the delivery reports.
She found all messages sent on Natasha’s number. She opened the first message from the last. It read “Yes baby I really love you and I’ll be there for you always”
She froze! Her hands started shivering. She could feel her heartbeats pounding loud in her own ears.
But she wanted to know it all now. She went to the next message “Muwahh baby :* ”
Next, “No first you tell me where did you kiss me?” Teardrops fell on her phone screen.
“I’ll meet you tmrw :D”
“Ok baby, I’ll call you soon!”
She couldn’t believe her eyes. The tears just couldn’t stop. She took her bag and walked straight out of the room.

It was raining heavily outside. It was dark. She was scared. But she was more scared about the fact that she was cheated by one person she trusted the most. They had been together for four years! She was planning her life with him. Even her parents knew about them!
Walking alone on the streets, millions of thoughts running on her mind…

Now she was analyzing everything related to Ashish’s behavior in the past.

“How could I be such a fool? In last two years, I never understood a thing! I never even doubted him when he didn't answer her (Natasha’s) calls in front of me. When with her he never answered my calls. He always checked my phone but never let me do so!
Did he ever have feelings for me or was it just me who forced him along all this while and planned our future together?
Maybe that’s why he never told his parents about me.”
She wanted to confess all of this to him. Ask him why he did this to her. But she didn't have the courage to even talk to him right now.

She reached home. Her roommate, Shweta, saw her all wet, shivering and crying. She came running to her with a towel and helped her dry herself up first. She knew there was something wrong between her and Ashish. She made her a cup of hot coffee and gave her a blanket to keep herself warm. She just sat there besides Riya, holding her hand. “Everything will be fine” she said “Just calm down.”

Riya just sat besides the window of her room looking at the rain. Trying to distract herself. But all she could see was her own reflection in the window pane, sore eyes, and tears on her cheeks! It made her cry even more!
Ashish was continuously trying to call her. But she kept disconnecting it.
She wiped her tears trying to get a clearer look at the screen. Her tears were making the vision blurry. Finally, she messaged him saying, “I read the texts you sent to Natasha over this week. I need no explanation from your side for this. I can’t be with you anymore Ashish! It’s over!!"

She hugged Shweta and burst out into tears. She held on to her for a while. Trying to calm down.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

India ki baarish!!

The summers have been terrible this year! :/
And thankfully the monsoons are here now… It’s been raining all this week! :D

My mom was making nice garam pyaaz ke pakode for me this afternoon.
 I was missing the times when I used to sit in the balcony with my two sisters enjoying the rains, talking about random things and having garam pakodas.

I messaged one of my sister’s who is in London now since a year.

Me: It’s raining yaha pe…finally the monsoons are here! Just at the right time…helping me to have lazier vacations!! Hehe..:D

Richa: Wow Nehu! I miss Indian rains!! Yaha pe toh even rains look so modern!! :/

 It’s not the rains dear…it’s the place, surrounding.

 Haan! Yaha pe who mitti ki khusboo nahi…L

So true!

The smell of wet earth just after the rains is so mesmerizing! Nothing like it! J