Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name & why you started blogging

Blogging was something I never even had an idea about. My elder sister told me about it and I opened one of my own just out of all the curiosity and excitement of having a whole space on the internet just to myself!
Thus, the name “World of my dreams”! My imaginations, dreams, goals, experiences, thoughts, everything!

I had started up with the whole blog in Sept 2009 itself but I started with my first post in Feb 2011.
That’s when writing genuinely came to me I guess. I was in this slightly bad phase where I thought keeping some things to me was a better option! But then I am one person who can never keep mum!

That’s when a friend of mine suggested me about penning down my thoughts in the alone time. I tried it and have been loving it ever since then! :) 


  1. hmm..
    nice start.. but why did you stop after 3 days? :p

    and one more thing.. who ever clicked that photo has done a fine job. very nice photo..

  2. Got busy with shifting! Will update next one in a day now.
    And about the photo credits :Vivek Samaiya! My usual photographer! :)

  3. hhmmm
    i read ur blog post its interesting evy1 shud try this type of blogs for the unanswered question wich arose in our mind while penning down in quiet time or wen v think befo goin to bed or wen v r alone etc, talkin abt ur snap the camereas r lucky dat click ur photos dats all u r too beautiful no issues abt dat so u look beautiful evytym tc

    1. Sure, try blogging! When you've thought of penning down, do it.
      You never know you might be really good at it till you give it a try!
      So I would say go ahead! :)