Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 1: Introduce &10 interesting facts

When it comes to introducing me, I think writing about it is too complicated. Knowing me in person could be much easier! Still I’ll just give it a try.
I am an open book. Not only for the people close to me but everyone! I can’t fake myself. When being friends with anyone I would love the person to know me just the way I am! :)

     1.  I love clicking pictures! Given a nice camera and iPod with my favorite playlist, out for the day by myself and I’ll be happy. I love keeping the memories of some moments treasured. Looking at them brings an instant smile on my face and a very fulfilling pleasure to me!

        2.    I hate lies. I just cannot stand lies. I did prefer telling the truth and having a fight then rather than keeping the truth to myself and feeling guilty every time.

I am anyways very bad at lying. Have tried it and failed every single time!

        3.   I cannot be too bad even to my enemies. Well, it is my weakness you can say but I just can’t hurt anyone that easily! It’s not that I won’t at all and take everything calmly. But then there is a limit!
Maybe I’ve been brought up that ways and haven’t changed it since then.
Believe it or not but I’ve never even abused anyone in my life! I can’t even stand it if anyone around me is doing so.

4.   I value each and every relation in my life. Be it family, love, friends, roommates or my colleagues.
Of course, I do have my priorities but I can go extra mile for every person and help them out if possible for me! Feels blessed. :)
5.   I am a very talkative and expressive person as well. That’s one of the reasons I write too I guess. I just need to express myself in every way possible!

6.   I believe in soul mates. There is a special person in every one’s life who they love so much, that whatever might happen. You just wish to be with them all your life! And nothing else matters. :)

7.   I cherish simple and small special moments much more than anything. Even a small effort taken to make me smile when in a bad mood can be special for me!

8.   I am the most confused person I myself know! I also tend to keep thinking a lot. It’s a girl tendency or what I don’t know, but then am always lost in my own world quite often!

9.   I hate people who are judgmental. I just can’t be around someone I know is judging me by everything I do. It gets on my nerves. I don’t like it and I don’t do it either.

10.  I love my family more than anyone in this world! :)


  1. Well Ms Neha wrote it in a vry nice way...Gud one yeduuuu :)

  2. you are the sweet heart and always be in my life as a best friend,and also person knows who i am .................
    you write ur heart on this blog and very good one also................

    1. Awww moti!! Thank you!
      And yes I write my heart down on this blog! :)

  3. Nicely penned down... and interesting as well. All I would say is "Simplicity at its Best" :)