Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 5: My family

The title makes it sound like a kid's essay topic! I've tried my best not to make the content seem like it though!

Well, If ever asked about most important people in my life, I would not have to pause and think but say, it’s my family. These are the people that I know for a fact will be by my side when I need them, no matter what happens.
My parents are the ones that have given me everything from the 1st day I was born. They give up so much for me sometimes, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

My father is a business man. He is the most punctual man I know of in my life! From him is where I have learnt about honesty and punctuality. He has a really impressive personality since he plays lawn tennis every evening. He knows how to make time for work, himself, us and also his friends.
My mom, a simple house-wife, is a very soft-natured and caring person. She takes great care of us even today! She does not care for her comfort for us. I share a very friendly bond with my mom. I love to share all important stories of my life with her and doing that we grew to have a really strong relationship. I really enjoy spending some time with her.

I also look up to my 2 sisters. They are both older than me and married now. Those two are my personal role models that I look up to. They always have helped me out in times when I needed someone to tell me what they did in the similar situation! And we all three love to share clothes! That’s the biggest advantage of having sisters! Lol.
I am truely blessed to have such a great family. Even this day when we are together, we make it a point that we have our meals together every day.

Now that I look back at everything, I really miss it. So many things have changed since then. Obviously, I’ve grown up and things aren’t’ so easy anymore. That’s not all though, I really miss all my family.
It’s where I grew up and all my happy memories are! :)


  1. Love u loads nehu!!

    Cant tell u how happy n lucky to share that special bond with u! V have been together through all the ups n downs .Even if j miss calling u for days neva forget tht I love u a lot n miss u all a lot.

    Wish u th bestest of eveything in life! May God shower his most choicest blessings on u! May u get all tht u desire.

    Take care n love u loadsssssssss


    1. I love you too sweetie!! :*
      And small things like calls don't matter.
      It's there in heart! Genuinely. So will always remain that ways.
      Keep smiling moti! ;)

    2. u r very lucy too hav grt family and sisters wit u too share and love u evy1 is nt so lucky as u are ?????? nyweyz nic blog very impressive truth is felt in it

    3. Yes, I am surely lucky!
      Thanks :)