Saturday, April 6, 2013


I am going to be a graduate soon!! Seems like I have to make a choice again...rather chalk out a future plan for myself...there are a whole lot of options popping up in my tiny little brain...every week I come up with a different plan. And just as I fix to certain plan I meet a person from some other field…we get into talks, discussing available options for me and that starts adding up new options, which ends up adding to the confusion too!
The engineering days are closing faster and I have yet to have the clear understanding of what am I going to do next...I made a decision after my twelfth standard and escaped the tough decision making process for the next 4 years!! (Though this decision also was taken after a lot of confusion with the options available even then!)
But now enough of irresponsible and careless behavior…time for serious decision making…there it is, staring at my face, this whole decision making thing and driving me crazy for the past few days. How am I supposed to do decide whether I should go for a decent paying job in a field I think I am interested in (which keeps changing every week as I said) or pick up higher studies like some my friends…which also my parents will be happy with…
I wish to do something which would be creative and also which gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. Actually I have this fancy world I live in...I fancy working at an office…wearing nice formal clothes!
My heart and mind are playing tricks with me…creating an illusion for me!! I don't know how it came into my writing but I got to put up everything in this one...because I do get millions of options which I hardly put together to analyze it later.
So I was talking about this confusion in my head…
Oops I almost forgot "plans aren’t meant for a super confused person like me" So I guess I will just take life as it comes and get the whole lot of experiences out of it.
Wish me luck guys!! J

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Am back! But got nothing to say for now I guess..:|

I was just going through my fellow blogger’s post when I happened to notice my total page views…

I’ve been really boring on all the social networking websites! You can say I was on hibernation!! lol ;)
My last post was 4 months back. This blog has become so old & rusty for anyone to even remember it now…but now I am back!!

I really don't know why I stopped blogging ‘coz back in my mind I must have thought of a 100 posts (me being a person who just can’t stop analyzing things and then thinking over them again and again) old habits die hard you see… :/

And now when I finally thought of writing…NOTHING!! Absolutely nothing!!
I’ve been staring at my laptop screen since last 30minutes thinking about what to write…then occasionally switching to YouTube and then back here…hmmm…

Makes no sense, does it? Forget it…
Thanks to all the people who have been waiting for a new post!!
I’ll be back soon with a post in a couple of days…stay tuned!! J