Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Teach For India

"What motivated you to apply to TFI and why is it important to you that you are accepted onto the Fellowship?"

I have a very close friend currently working in Mumbai TFI, as a Design Associate, who told me about how fulfilling the fellowship is but also made it very clear about how dedicated one has to be to survive here since the program is very demanding, difficult and rigorous. I am self motivated & driven, want to empower the future of tomorrow which is these children. My life's values & objectives match the organization's goals. 

I have hardly made any contributions towards my country till date. Though in around mid 2011, when Anna Hazare organized a hunger strike at Delhi to support the “Jan Lokpal Bill”; there was a rally carried out that time in almost every city in India. I too participated in the candle light walk from Kothrud to Parvati and also volunteered in the distribution of leaflets about the awareness for the Lokpal Bill. In the short term, kids should become loving, compassionate, understanding. They should have time to study, play games for their well-being and pass on the positivity & confidence to everyone around them. 

Talking about long term I would say, these kids are the future of our country and what we teach them today is what will be carried forward by them and passed on to the generations ahead. These kids can be the change we want to see in the country & can help us get to a better position in the long term.
Success for me in TFI will be bringing a difference in the lives of the small kids. I would strive to work hard towards all these parameters & give the kids the best I have. I want to educate them & help them differentiate between rights & wrong so that they learn & then make their decisions themselves. I am sure that managing a child's mental frame of mind will be a serious challenge initially. I wish to get them out of their emotionally distressed life and get them to motivate themselves. Learning and teaching is the best way to excite one’s imagination. I am sure of achieving these goals because The fellowship will be more of an emotional & intellectual success you can say.

I want to join “Teach for India” because here I’ll meet all diversified people but with same purpose of working towards a better future for those kids. A child can get an instant smile on my face, their innocence and their persistence to learn and grow is surprising. So I would just like to end it short and sweet that I want to be here because I know I will surely love it and do justice to those kids.


  1. Wow Neha! M impressed. I am really proud of you for the fact that you are striving hard to achieve your dream possible.Its very rare that youngsters aspire for a career like this and since you have realised your potential (which we all know of) I wish you all the best. I hope you get what you deserve and desire , which is certainly getting through to the TFL Programme.I am waiting to see you ignite these young hearts and bring difference into their lives :)

    And yes, needless to mention well written essay! Now waiting to hear that you have got through to this :)

  2. As you made us proud, these kids will make you proud.

    Knowledge is the only thing that differentiate us from other living species and nothing can be noble than passing and sharing it.

    Be Happy, Smiley and Blessed Always.

  3. Neha, i would like to congratulate you, as you have already grabbed the first ladder towards success. Even i would like to say few words about my country. As being a individual, i have never supported any cause specifically when it comes to underprivileged children and fight for them. I was very well connected with NSS ( National Social Scheme) where we try to bring some social change in the society by helping people and children. After attending many of the camps and events for such cause, i have got to know that such people and children are very intelligent and well knowledgeable.But since they does not have proper support for finance and other requirements such people cannot see themselves up to the heights.

    I hope you achieve what you deserve and bring Lorence to your family, society and your country.

    All the best ...!! and do well

    CHEERS :)

  4. This is a truly inspiring one, Neha!!
    I hope you get what you desire through this fellowship programme "Teach For India".
    Wish you gudluck and great success..(y)

  5. Thanks for sharing the link Neha . It is heartening to read your enthusiasm about teaching young kids, this will not only enrich their personal lives but also translate into a better future for our country . What a wonderful initiative . Its easy to understand after reading the essay why you landed the fellowship. Hope you shine on and do well . Loads of best wishes and good luck !!!

    Dipti G