Friday, April 3, 2015

BBC Documentary- India's Daughter a "gift" to India?


The BBC Documentary on "India’s Daughter" by filmmaker called Leslee Udwin has been being watched widely all over the world. Though I would like to mention that it surely doesn’t look like a ‘selfless’ act by Leslee. I agree that such documentaries are bread and butter for all the documentary makers. But then don’t mention that the documentary was her “gift” to India.

Also I believe that India surely shouldn’t have banned the documentary. After all it was all just a true story! We should be embarrassed of the ugly truth rather than fighting against the fact that the documentary got made.
Finally, the documentary disclosed her real name “Jyoti Singh”. Her parents were not embarrassed to give out her name in media. They are glad their daughter’s name “Jyoti” denotes “light” and hoped she’ll be an example to the whole world and throw light on this serious matter related to safety for females.

Things in the documentary which had a bad impact were:
1.      It is said that Jyoti Singh (Nirbhaya) was insulted through this documentary. Well, it is as you take it. The documentary was an eye opener. But yes, adding the interview of the rapists and watch the men talk about their sick mindsets out in the open was uncalled for. Overnight, the rapists were all over the news. They were like some celebrities being talked about all across the world.

2.      It is also allegedly said that the rapist was paid for the interview. How could someone pay those rapists for shamelessly accepting the crime and also mentioning that the girl was at fault and that she should just be silent and allow the rape?

3.      The rapist concluded saying that hanging them was a wrong decision and this will only make the other rapists scared of the punishment and they’ll hence just kill the girls after raping them hence forth.

4.      What makes me wonder is how can a person who has been a rape victim (allegedly) interview a rapist and let him talk about the crime so casually. There was no regret in his eyes. He did not feel sorry for what his brother and friends did and what he supported.

I am surely not against the documentary. In fact I have seen it and it is quite informative about the whole incident in the 60 minutes film. But there are some things which shouldn't have been included in the documentary. 
Although, banning the documentary is not the solution to the cause. Instead let people watch what sick mindsets some people have. If we don’t face it and realize how are we going to try and change it?