Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 10: Things am afraid of...

I’m afraid of heights. Some people are fascinated by the view they get to see from up above but, If am at a height somewhere, last thing I would do is look down. ‘Coz from there all I imagine of will be what if I fall off and that sends shivers down my spine.

I’m afraid of clowns. They wear this scary make up and the fake smile. I hate that.

Am afraid about future
Not exactly future actually but I’m afraid that I spend so much time to be happy right now, live in the moment that I forget to think about the future circumstances.

Something terrible happening to one of my loved ones or family members
This one, I think everyone is afraid of. 

Overly crowded places
I hate over-crowded places, getting lost in the crowd. That’s probably one of the reasons I don’t like clubbing. Loud music, drunken sweaty crowd, pushing themselves against each other, the idea itself is something I don’t even wish to think of.

Oncoming trains
I’m afraid of oncoming trains and that feeling right before a train approaches, that feeling at your feet and the sound.

Tight spaces
Just the idea of being stuck in a small, tight space without being able to get out seems so suffocating and scary!

I am afraid of the dark. 
I am not afraid of dark as such…in fact I love dark, quiet, candlelit places and all…but me alone in a dark room or lonely isolated dark place is something I am afraid of.

I am afraid of losing someone I love. 
I won’t be scared of death myself, but losing someone I love is something I won’t be able to handle!

Do I even need to explain this one?