Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mumbai snaps

Had been to many lovely beaches in Mumbai recently...sitting near the beaches...feeling of the cold sand on your feet just cannot be described in words!! The nature's bliss and the beauty there which can be seen cannot be captured that beautifully...I tried to get some snaps though for those cherished memories..:)


                                              My footprints...;)




Femina has been my all time favourite magazine since a couple of years now...its wonderful to read in leisurely time by just checking out some featured articles...
It helps you with all your queries regarding styling and clothes that may suit you perfectly (which is my favourite column) Its a space where women can truly speak their minds it their views regarding current issues or pouring out their life into words...its always interesting to be reading some reality stuff!!
Though its always amazing to see that even men love reading them!! lol..:D
"Here's a space for every women"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Less like you more like myself...:)

Since my childhood...elocution, debates, extempore, group discussions were something that used to interest me a lot!! I would every year grab the trophy for the first place very proudly..:)
I was a bright student...but don't get any ideas I was not a quiet and studious child (teacher's favorite...NO!!) fact I was the naughtiest brat in my class!! I hardly remember a single day when the teachers had no complains against me...but afterall that was what all the fun one should have in school...all that bachpana (which we now claim as immaturity!!)..:D
And as I told you earlier...I was very good at speeches..I stood for the elections for the post of school captain!! I had written a speech unlike others (which students hardly like to pay heed to as most of it is just fake!! ) But I had honestly written my bad points and how I promising I could be if given this respective position and the students loved what I said!! And I was elected the school captain by 97% votes in my favour!!
I think that was the beginning of my belief in living  life on my own terms...
Its not as though I made a conscious effort to be different. I think that was the way I was brought up. I was always taught to think and act independently and to celebrate my individuality.
I've learnt a lot over the last decade. I've learnt that success is relative and whats more important is to give your best shot to what you choose to do...I've learnt to speak up my stand up for what is right...but most importantly...I've learnt that one should do things their own respect yourself enough to dare to be who you are...because success is only success if achieved on your terms.

"In order to be irreplaceable, you must always be different." Is what I believe in...:) 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Life :)

This is my first post and I was very confused what should I start writing with...asked a friend of mine, he said "Just pour out your heart...write what you feel...happy,sad,angry...this is a place where you have got the freedom of penning down anything...whenever you feel to do so..."
So thats what am gonna do...pour my heart out...

In the past years I have made many mistakes...and in a way learnt from them! You learn from your experiences be it good or bad...but it teaches you some facts of life...
You will meet many people in your life...but you need to find the real among the fake! Many will break your will break some too...but we need to still continue living our lives !Don't be upset its glad it happened !
The one whom you trust the most might let you down eventually...but don't cry for someone who won't cry over you !Everything is okay in the end...if not...its not the end !
Life ought to have tough times...but eventually hard times will make you stronger from inside...just depends on how you look at it...:)

Be patient...tough times will pass by...
"Rainbows are hard to be seen,
Unless it has stormed recently.."
Everything will be sunny soon....!☆☆☆
Don't be busy for your best or will fight with them all the time or maybe even fall in love with them...take chances <3
Don't let the past hold you may miss out the better things in life!! :)

You may experience many ups and downs in life...but don't you think that makes our life even much more interesting..!!
If you ever think that the world means nothing to you...think might mean the world to someone else :)
These are some thoughts that came in my mind and I randomly wrote them down....<3 :)