Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 7: Favorite movies

I am really late with my post this time, but then am busy 7 days a week now! Got work on weekdays and classes on weekends now! :’(

Okay least I would wanna do is crib here but then with a topic like “Favorite movies”, just wasn’t interested to make time and start writing. But then a friend of mine tells me last night,

“Hey Neha, I have a small work for you! Do you have time right now?”

“Yeah sure, tell me”

“This one’s easy. Write your damn blog post! Finish it off. I am so excited about the few later ones! And you’re making me live on a knife’s edge!”

“Haha! I just don’t feel like writing about movies! Okay I’ll just write a lame one this time so we can move ahead.”

“Yeyy” :D

It's not that I find movies lame, in fact they are my favorite pastime -I love genres, such as romantic, comedy, drama, animation.  There is rarely a movie I will not see at least once; the rare exception being the obviously awful ones. I do not enjoy action movies much. Depressing (violent or horror) movies are ones that end up disturbing me so I avoid them too! Again “Euro trip” & “American Pie” kind of movies I won’t watch!

"They say the movies should be more like real life, I think life should be more like the movies!"
- Myrna Loy

Well, narrowing down to a list of favorite movies is a tuff task, but then I just went through a list of movies in my laptop and listed possible ones out! Here they are -
Despicable Me
*     Monsters Inc
*     Madagascar
*     Ice Age series
*     Ratatouille
*     A walk to remember
*     50 first dates
*     The Italian Job
*     The Pursuit of Happiness
*     If Only
*     Sundays At Tiffanys
*     The Devil Wears A Prada
*     P.S.I Love You
*     Wake Up Sid
*     Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
*     Dil Chahta Hai
*     Rang De Basanti
*     Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Many are missing out here am sure! But these are the ones I could pen down for now!

Feel free to suggest me with some! :)


  1. Well I would like to suggest you "Phenomenon"

    Harshal Karandikar

  2. You should probably add Sharknado to that list :P