Saturday, July 9, 2011

For all of them in my life...:)

Do you believe that all the people in your life are there for a reason? And so is the case with the ones that aren't there are also there for a reason? I surely do...

I've been thinking a lot of the people in my life...the ones that are still there, some I've grown closer to, some I've kept at arm's length ( while some are deleted!! ) 
Some have amazed me by what they can do with their lives, taught me lessons on how to follow your heart and be brave...;)
Some have taught me the same lessons with examples of what not to do...:P

Just the way some people always hold a special place in your life...while some hardly matter!!
You can choose to get mad, feel hurt, betrayed, bitter. It wouldn't even be unjustified. No one would say "You're expecting too much."

Or you can choose to NOT get mad. NOT feel betrayed. Hold on because of what there used to be. Even if its not there anymore. Because underneath it all, is the same person that there used to be.
Sometimes, it's letting go that's easier and holding on NO MATTER WHAT that becomes nearly impossible.

Personally speaking, I'd hold on.

...Atleast until I was absolutely sure that it's time to let go!!
Am happy with all the people in my life you all...✩✩✩


  1. Good one again.keep writing.I love ur writing.

  2. very thoughtful writing! gal you are getting better! good job

  3. Nice one neha.. Keep it up!!

  4. thanks glad you liked it!! :)

  5. luv u yedu..........i liked a lot.......keep writing such gud blogs.........:D:D:D

  6. "while some r deleted"
    now dat was hillarious!!!
    :D :D