Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Have you felt like that? So tensed about a situation that you feel you will burst into a million pieces? I was going through similar situation this morning as my results were gonna be out anytime this week. And that was almost eating me from inside.
I recently told my mom about the ecards and how we can just mail it to someone for any occasion or confession...anything..
While I was sleeping this afternoon she sat down to search ecards website and sent me an ecard just to convey her best wishes. She also wrote a message "Neha I am always with you to support you...we do understand your feelings...don't worry...everything will be fine" I felt as if everything was sorted...I hugged my mom and told her that I was fine. But inside I felt like crying my heart out. That was so thoughtful of her to do such a sweet thing...just so that it brings a smile on my face!!
I felt so bad that it usually happens that we are only busy with our own problems...we just want people to make us feel good when we are feeling low...without  even thinking what she feels when she sees her child tensed or when she feels low...
Sometimes when am just with myself...I promise to myself that I will always take care of my mom throughout my life...will go that extra mile for her...make her feel special and loved!!

My mom has been the best person in my life...Every Valentines Day since my teenage, I have been giving her a red rose because I love her (And the rose brings the sweetest smile on her face)

I Love You Momma!! :)


  1. Love u loads ma:) she is indeed the most beautiful person on this earth.a hug frm her is like is beautiful coz I have such a wonderful person in my life.

  2. am never readin diz again..
    coz guys dont cry!!

    also read diz..