Friday, July 29, 2011

One of those randoms posts...

Have you ever felt so sad that you can't move?  All you want to do is just roll up & cry? I don't know, life has been kinda sucky lately & I just feel so alone & upset & I hate it because I'm normally happy & bubbly.

I guess I've been just too sweet to people...even those who don't even deserve to be treated so! Friends who have been in my life for their own selfish gains...temporary part of your life and then again you are on your own!
I soon get attatched to people who even care a little for me...innocently unaware of the negative part of them!
I just can't say "no" to people thinking they might get it rude...but what when they do it just hurts doesn't it? I realised...I should learn saying "no" to people when I don't wish to agree...compromising with your own decisions won't get us anywhere..
When am alone all by mind just wouldnt stop many things on my mind!! Feels like lemme just pause and get everything sorted!! Wish it was just that easy...;)
But dont wanna run away from things now...I just know that i dont need this!! Just want things to get better...✩✩✩

Wanted to kinda get all these feelings out...;) feels great!! <3


  1. its just part of growing up dear. "growing up is process of getting rid of misconceptions", one of my friend told me this and its stuck in my head since. :p

  2. Life is easy Neha.its only as complicated as you let it be!