Tuesday, June 4, 2013

India ki baarish!!

The summers have been terrible this year! :/
And thankfully the monsoons are here now… It’s been raining all this week! :D

My mom was making nice garam pyaaz ke pakode for me this afternoon.
 I was missing the times when I used to sit in the balcony with my two sisters enjoying the rains, talking about random things and having garam pakodas.

I messaged one of my sister’s who is in London now since a year.

Me: It’s raining yaha pe…finally the monsoons are here! Just at the right time…helping me to have lazier vacations!! Hehe..:D

Richa: Wow Nehu! I miss Indian rains!! Yaha pe toh even rains look so modern!! :/

 It’s not the rains dear…it’s the place, surrounding.

 Haan! Yaha pe who mitti ki khusboo nahi…L

So true!

The smell of wet earth just after the rains is so mesmerizing! Nothing like it! J


  1. English rain smells of nothing at all.It has no passion as that of the Indian monsoons..i love the smell of wet mud just after rain. And nothin in this world can compare to that smell ;)
    Oh i miss being thr with u at this moment :(

  2. you actually triggered a li'l hungry kind of feeling in me by mentioning those pakodes in that perfect weather :p and I couldn't agree more, that awesome smell when it rains...! wow indeed.
    Keep writing more (and do drop by my blog too sometime ;) )

    1. Thank you! :)
      I will surely drop by your blog soon.
      Keep reading.