Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Only about stars!! :)

I have been trying really hard to remember what we talked about several minutes ago. I think the conversation somehow drifted to looking at the three stars in the sky. And I remember bits and pieces of conversations discussing if one of the stars was an airplane and was moving… which we star-gazed. That was really an interesting part of conversation…we three were star gazing…

The air is so chilly now…it was amazing evening!!! Was this nightout ever part of a plan? Never… But more than half of the interesting chapters of my life have been unplanned hence I give in.
 And then we could see airplanes take off…that was one amazing view!! I don’t know about them, but the sound of that was making my senses numb. And this is enough for me to realize this night will be special. We are here finally, lying under the gorgeous sky and abundant stars.

I am all quiet. Absolutely nothing on my mind…I just want to live quietly in this beautiful moment. I don’t want to give away how ecstatic I feel in this moment. We are listening to songs on my phone…"Stairway to heaven"...just the song for that moment!! :)
Subconsciously I do calculations about my life every day, but right now I have left it all past me; because I have never lived another moment as beautiful as this one. Here in this moment, I want to breathe, I want to breathe deep and long, I want to close my eyes and open them to see the splendor of this night and what it holds for me and I want to repeat these steps over and over again!! 

I am still awake, looking at the stars, wondering what all of it was, but slumber welcomes me in one of these moments.
I am in love…not with anyone but with that night, the stars, the buzz, the conversation all about stars, the songs  and everything else...
Now I could believe love does exist…not only between people but everywhere…not in just kissing or romance but also in some special moments just with yourself!! 


  1. wah wah yeduuu...Gud one...

  2. quite impressed nice

  3. Good one!! It is good to have some time with yourself, doing what you like. The blog very well captures your excitement.

  4. remember d story in FRIENDS ka 8th season..
    backpackin across western europe @d foothills of mount tibidabo..???

    well they shud replace dat story wid diz one..
    (if u know wat i mean!!!)