Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Sometimes you get into an argument with a closed one and winning it is not your only motive in fact you might end up hurting yourself even more…

This has happened to me a lot of times…sometimes you just want the person you are arguing with to understand you, not just win the argument!
Sometimes when am alone and feeling low…and then random things start running on my mind I start thinking of every little thing happening or that happened in my life…then very small things which I thought never even mattered to me also hurt real bad!!
But sometimes I love doing that…sitting in my room alone besides the window…sipping a cup of strong hot coffee…have some quality time just to myself…when am  triggered off with some conflict and feel heavy hearted and low…but am really not very sure what the reason is… that makes it difficult to resolve it. So I decided to write down randomly whatever I feel like…


  1. Penning one's thoughts down is sometimes the best form of solace and the road to it. What a great start Neha. Keep up the good work. Your eye for detail is commendable. Your lens has created magic. What a great start !

  2. thanks didi...am so glad you liked it...:)
    your appreciation will surely make me keep writing even more now..

  3. being d only child, i need time exclusively for myself almost everyday!!
    if i dont get dat, i get restless by d end of d day!!!

    u r an xcellent writer Neha!!
    (or watever technical term [blogger-shlogger] u hav for it i dunno...)

    am subscribed to ur blog nw!!
    & i hope to see ur updates frequently!!