Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 15: Top Ten Favorite Songs

Choosing favorite songs is one of the most difficult tasks for me since my favorite playlist changes almost every week.
Though there are a few out of these which have always stayed. So to name a few on my head right now, I would say:

1. Inside Out- Bryan Adams
2. Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Garden
3. Sham- Aisha
4. With Or Without You- U2
5. Tum ho- Rockstar
6. You look wonderful tonight- Eric Clapton 
7. Your Body Is A Wonderland- John Mayer
8. All Coldplay songs (Totally!)
9. Lifehouse- You&Me
10. Patakha Guddi- Highway 


  1. I presume you meant female version of Patakha Gudi :)

    1. Well, I like both of them equally actually! Even the A R Rahman version is amazing! :)

  2. Suggestion: annies song by john denver

    1. Oh yes. That's always been on my list. The choice of top 10 kind of shrinks the list really small! :(