Friday, February 21, 2014

One of those annoying days!

Does it ever happen that you just wake in a really bad mood already? Maybe coz of a bad depressing dream or nightmare, or the anxiety of long awaited results, or fear of being unemployed! And sometimes you yourself aren’t even aware of the reason? This makes it even more annoying!! I mean think of being annoyed for no reason at all…I mean you can’t even figure out what could help! Still you drag yourself to work & try to work, but somehow every unsatisfied colleague has to complain to you on the same day. Everyone sounds just so irritated and is out just to annoy you.

Well to put it across, When you’re in a foul mood, everything is bad.” (Read this somewhere!)
I love my mornings to be beautiful and peaceful. A bad morning can possibly affect my whole day mood and it’s really not my preference.

Umm…I think I just need to figure out what would help me cheer up: A strong coffee, a happy song, some particular person, browsing through old photographs, writing, chocolates? I think I’ll go with loads of chocolates today. I don’t know why but a huge intake of calories always makes up my mood! Loll.
A few days back, in one of these same days, I started sketching at work, and it literally helped big-time!! :D This was what I drew..

 Anyways, sorry for the ramble guys, but had to get this out somewhere if not personally on anyone. Hope the rest of you are having a good day!  :)

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