Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 11: My views on drugs & alcohol

Well, to start with this interesting topic; I was exposed to alcohol when I came to Pune for my graduation, when I did go out for dinner with my friends or spent time at my friends' houses and they'd have drinks and hookah. That was a time when I used to think bad about people who drank. Then eventually I realized that I couldn’t judge people based on that and today I do have many close friends who drink.

As I got more familiar with this place and this lifestyle, I saw teenagers who drank out of their minds and felt a little embarrassed, some who had done something while wasted and then regretted later. Some just do it to fill up their social profile pages with photos of them and their friends holding glasses of cocktails and beer bottles. They think it’s glamorous. Well, it’s really not!

I won’t deny that drinking is not at all bad. But getting addicted to it or making it just a glamorous habit could turn things bad.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no one to judge anyone by their habits but when it comes to drugs, that is a big NO NO for me! And I just can’t help but get this negative feeling about it and also about people who use them.
I’ve heard about youngsters committing suicide after taking drugs and experiencing hallucinations and many more negative things. So I could never be in a relationship with a guy who uses them; in fact I even can’t be good friends with them, it starts bothering me somewhere!

But at the end of the day, I'm never going to tell anyone what to do unless it is affecting me in a negative way.


  1. drugs and alcohol both are different things, I totally agree with you that someone should never use drug, but if we talk about the alcohol then sometimes we have to take a glass of alcohol when your boss or your client is offering that, It can be my misconception but it truly happens

    1. I din say drinking is bad..addiction is! And doing it for wrong reasons and out of limits!
      That's all :)