Thursday, April 4, 2013

Am back! But got nothing to say for now I guess..:|

I was just going through my fellow blogger’s post when I happened to notice my total page views…

I’ve been really boring on all the social networking websites! You can say I was on hibernation!! lol ;)
My last post was 4 months back. This blog has become so old & rusty for anyone to even remember it now…but now I am back!!

I really don't know why I stopped blogging ‘coz back in my mind I must have thought of a 100 posts (me being a person who just can’t stop analyzing things and then thinking over them again and again) old habits die hard you see… :/

And now when I finally thought of writing…NOTHING!! Absolutely nothing!!
I’ve been staring at my laptop screen since last 30minutes thinking about what to write…then occasionally switching to YouTube and then back here…hmmm…

Makes no sense, does it? Forget it…
Thanks to all the people who have been waiting for a new post!!
I’ll be back soon with a post in a couple of days…stay tuned!! J 

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